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The company was initiated through join operation of a few businessmen dealing in supplying Electrical Products back in 1983. The partnership continuously grows and marked through the establishment of WESTINDO, which focuses its business in providing product and service for telecommunication and building construction sectors.

In 1989, PT Westindo was established in Jakarta. The business started by providing technology products as well as the maintenance services, mainly for electrical products. As time goes by, Westindo appointed as the legal distributor for an UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) principal of Italy. Through these two products, Westindo starts to expand its business in the telecommunication sector.

In line with the growing economic trend in 1996, Westindo expanded its business from UPS to DC Power Supply (Rectifier) which specially serves the telecommunication industry. Furthermore, Westindo added air conditioning & chiller products and services into its business line. 

Since then, Westindo focuses its business on both Power Supply and Air Conditioning line.

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